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Laugh! Hug! Take selfies! That's what
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Weekly Reminders

Don't let friendships slip
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Culture Tips

Weekly updates with fun
stuff to do with friends

Social Life Sorted

All your invitations, rsvps, and
suggestions in one place

Meet our Team

We love our friends and we love our phones, but likes aren't hugs.
We believe we can leverage technology to allow us time for more human engagement, not less.


Ashley Granata

Founder & General Manager

Ashley Granata joined Amigo after exchanging 20+ emails with Eliza to get drinks after moving to SF. She has launched the iPhone application and was a cofounder of Fashism. She is passionate about helping people feel their best.

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Eliza Nguyen

Founder & CEO

Eliza created Amigo after her friends were constantly texting her while she was trying to work. Previously, she launched and saw everyone's favorite music app, Soundtracking, through to acquisition by Rhapsody. She is passionate about efficiency, technology, and happiness research.

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